Rivenditore ufficiale Rolex a Trieste



Mr. Paolo Bastiani entered the world of watchmaking and jewelry in 1991, when he took on a path of continuous training, acquiring an increasingly higher proficiency and nurturing his passion for this industry, up until 1999 when he started his own business.

Rivenditore ufficiale Rolex a Trieste

Maturing through passion

The close connection established with Rolex has been increasingly consolidating, while in 2018 Paolo moved from via Roma to the central via San Nicolò, the exclusive heart of Trieste, where the store has become a destination for all Rolex lovers. The area reserved for the crown brand is especially emphasized, as well as the after-sales service with its authorized Rolex laboratory.

The bond with Rolex has been growing stronger, finding more and more similarities with Bastiani’s company culture and way of working, where attention to detail, professionalism and precision are considered essential and primary.

Innovation and customer care

Involving his staff constantly in the most significant decisions and regarding commercial strategies is one of Bastiani’s secrets. Customers are accompanied through all the sale phases, from the product research to the technical recommendation, for the purchase to become an experience to remember. Quality and customer care are key features for the company‘s mindset.

Rivenditore ufficiale Rolex a Trieste
Rivenditore ufficiale Rolex a Trieste

Constantly updating

All Bastiani sellers, like each sales person in the Rolex distribution network, are regularly updated by the latter, in order to offer customers the most accurate service possible in choosing the desired timepiece.

An ever-evolving combination

The passionate search for a selling and assisting method to satisfy the most demanding customers is the primary target for Bastiani’s personnel. In a wonderful city, a small company and a celebrated brand propose a match aimed at innovating on a daily basis, in the pursuit of increasingly ambitious goals.

Bastiani, a small cog in the glorious history of the Rolex universe.

Rivenditore ufficiale Rolex a Trieste